Monday, July 8, 2013

What do you miss in an episode

    It is interesting that some of the most watched TV programs in the country are soaps/serials. Some of them are tear jerkers, some of them are hugely emotional dramas that can throw you out of your senses. Seeing them or asking around, some people indicate with a bit of disgust - "Who watches those serials. Only some sections (-they stereotype the users here-) watch them. I don't, its too boring, its too emotional, .... ".

    This had to be checked out. On further study, we find there are three types of watchers:

    The cool guys - When you check out with these "cool" guys about some of those serials, they know the story. They don't watch glued to it every day, but how do they know the story ? How do they know roughly what's happening ?

    Die Hards - And then, there are those loyal watchers who will do anything to not miss the episode, be it sickness, be it a function that overlaps the time in which case they will catch the repeat episode.

    The on and off folks - This section of people follow the program. They don't watch every episode, not every minute of those 30 mins, yet they are following the program and know whats happening. These guys bank on the fact that in an episode, some events happen, sometimes not even those, yet the story doesn't move much. "It doesn't matter much if you miss an episode".

   So, the following of a program, be it a stereotyped, boring one or not, if it is hitting the top charts of viewership, if it is being watched by your family but not necessarily you religiously, you are watching those and following those, no matter how cool you think you are.

   This got re-enforced when I recently saw an in-program embedded Ad of a top software platform in the world targeting prospective techie buyers, being demonstrated by the lead role inside of the program, which anybody would easily term an absolute tear jerker in a regional serial at prime time.

   Here seems to be another myth ready to be questioned on the target group viewership of serials. 

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