Thursday, August 1, 2013

TV - From Individual viewing to Social viewing

    Everything is becoming So Lo Mo - Social, Location aware and Mobile. So, why not TV viewing ?

    As we spent time speaking and watching TV viewing habits, it was clear, that the time has come to merge the modern social world into the TV viewing world.

     Wouldn't people want to discuss on a social network about TV ? About what they are watching, discuss, chat, post to Facebook, Tweet ? We checked around and people jumped at the idea.

     Imagine we get to know where your friends are on TV in the click of a button ? And join them and have a conversation in the click of a button. We validated this idea with a bunch of your social mobile users. They loved it. They are already using Twitter, Facebook whenever they can. They chat about it through SMS and Whatsapp already.

    What if there was one place, a beautiful new Social TV network which would let you know where your friends are on TV in one screen, click and join your friends on a conversation about a program, tweet, consume and post on Facebook - all with your friends while watching TV.

    Here comes TeleTango.

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