Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How does recall work

How does human brain recall ?

How does it recognize ?

Human brain searches in its memory through an associated tag which could be a question, a tagline, a sound/jingle associated with, a face of a person known for it, a logo, etc.

Advertisements have for long used these tagging mechanisms of jingle, celebrity faces, tag lines, stories and many more.

Human recall also works a bit like the DRAM, the more you recall, the easier it is to refresh and the longer it stays in top recall.

I was watching with interest all these factors at play, in a workshop that my nephew attended. A random student was picked from the crowd, taken aside for 10 mins, taught some techniques and then brought in front of a large crowd. Anybody in the crowd can mention a word or ask a question without waiting for the answer. This happens for about 25-30 words/questions. And this young boy, out of the blue, surprising his parents suddenly can recall back all the 30 words/questions in the same order, in the order of alternate numbers (1,3,5,7, ... ), from the end to the beginning, from anywhere in between. What happened to this boy in 10 minutes. How does he suddenly have a recall that leaves his parents astounded ?

Whatever was the technique used there, it had to do with tagging and recall. A good tag and a method of refresh will ensure a high level of recall and recognition. The magic is not in the person who recalls, but the method which creates the recall.

Can there be new methods to create such tags and recall in Ads ? 


  1. How does music, chanting mantras, playing chess work ? Here I am unable to relate to tags. It might be just tonnes of DRAM ?

  2. Repetition and regular refresh creates paths in the memory that lasts. Not the most efficient way to recall, but works alright. Probably the most used method of memorization in humans.