Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The swaying eyeballs from the TV

    While it is time to disrupt the Ad space with a level of mental engagement that is desired, it is time to focus on what is happening on the programs that these Ads are being played on.

    TV viewers are increasingly using their mobile devices/laptops during TV watching. A reliable survey in 2012 indicated that the percentage of people using Mobile devices while watching TV was 26% in India (about 60+% in the US). A survey that came out in late May 2013 indicated that this number has more than doubled this year with about 63% of the survey recipients across a cross section of the society are using their Mobile devices while watching the programs.

    A quick look at the number of tweets on IPL this year shows that over 5.5 million tweets were recorded on IPL during the season. While all of them did not happen while the programming on TV was live, the live tweet counter was running hot during the games as well.

    Does this happen during IPL games only ? I decided to check out a celebrated marriage on one of the top serials on Hindi television, that happened in June. The buzz in the Facebook pages and Twitter is huge. The Facebook page of the serial has over half a million likes and many times the number of visitors.

    There is serious interest towards digital content consumption and discussion happening around the TV programs. If the programs don't go digital savvy enough, the interest will go away along with the eyeballs, away from TV programming.

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