Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Whats wrong with Ads

    As I watched my cousins enjoy a gripping IPL cricket match on TV, I saw a pattern that refused to change over years and generations. May be it was because of the format of the game.

   I then probed myself a bit further to check out if the pattern was to do with Cricket viewing on TV, but then during the next few days, I looked for the same pattern as people watched serials on TV. It was there again.

   Now, I was getting more curious. I decided to checkout senior citizens, teenagers, kids, housewives, people just back from office and it was the same pattern.

   May be this was to do with the kind of programs being aired on TV. I had already watched people watching TV and serials. I then checked out people watching reality shows, contests, comedy shows, infotainment, kids, travel and living and everything else I could observe. The pattern just refuses to change.

   Whenever an Ad takes over the TV screen, people watch with interest when it is a new Ad which is funny or interesting or informative or attractive. However, as they saw the same Ad repeat a few times, their eyes went off the TV and they either switched channels (just to get away from the same repeat Ad), pressed the Mute button, switched to talking to others watching in the living room (who didn't seem to exist a few minutes back), ran away to the kitchen (to answer the screaming cooker), walked off to the restroom, picked up the phone, ate their food but they wouldn't gift their attention to the Ad on TV.

   Oh My God, Isn't there a problem here!!!!

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