Thursday, June 27, 2013

Those are awesome

    Are TV Ads boring ? No way.

    Are they awesome ? Some are.

    Does anybody care ? I chose to checkout, to ask around.

    I asked a friend of mine - whats the most awesome Ad you have seen on TV. He quickly replied - "that chewing gum Ad, with which they light up the whole palace, the car, the dining room, that was awesome." I asked back - "Do you know which chewing gum that was?". He thought and he couldn't recollect. He walked away giving me a - "Why would I care" - look.

   What about those celebrity Ads. I asked around some cricket crazy friends of mine. Do you remember that Ad where the Indian captain in a south Indian attire calls for all those fast-bowler "&#@$%" to bowl to him, etc. Yeah, everybody loved it, it was a funny Ad, really enjoyed watching. Absolutely awesome. I asked them - "Do you remember what Ad it was?". They walked away with the same "Doesn't matter" look. It was just fun for them.

   Those awesome Ads had got these guys to watch those Ads, may be repeatedly a few times. The viewers enjoyed it and forgot the brand conveniently. Who wants to remember anyway.

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